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Chef Jim

About Chef Jim
Jim arrived on island by way of Alaska in 2001 with only a backpack and knife kit. He had started out as a sculptor with fine art degrees from School of the Art Institute of Chicago and The University of Chicago before a lifelong passion for food took him on a working tour of some of the finest kitchens in Chicago.chefjim.jpg

Inspired by ‘New American cooking,’ he traveled extensively throughout South America, the Yucatan Peninsula, as well as Nepal and Thailand before meeting and marrying his wife Christy on St. John.

Kitchen Creole came into being in 2012 as a natural culmination of Jim’s decade-long study of the region’s flavors. He serves as the chef at Shipwreck Landing Restaurant in Coral Bay.

Our mission

To provide you a unique, easy and pleasurable cooking experience through the use of gourmet spice blends.
We handcraft these blends in small batches using only the finest, freshest, all-natural ingredients.
Our blends are inspired by culinary tradition, history, and the stories that spices tell us.
In some cases, our ingredients are quite rare.
Though inspired by ancient cultures, our blends provide a full range of possibilities for the modern cook.
They can be used as rubs or marinades on various meats and vegetables, or as seasoning agents in recipes. We hope they enrich your life.

logoorange.jpgOur herb and spice blends

Vegetarian dishes, cocktails, amazing egg salad and more! Used as rubs or in recipes, these offer a full range of possibilities for the modern cook. Our small-batch, handcrafted blends are the easiest way to create truly unique and pleasing dishes at home. Kitchen Creole uses only the freshest, all-natural ingredients.

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