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Lori Cartwright Wadhwa Hi Jim! I cook almost exclusively with your spices! About ready to order a new supply. Never thought I could be so passionate about spices until I met you! lol!! I would love to come pick them up in St. John's rather than having you ship out though! 04/18/2016

We have made this Kale and Potato Gratin with Primavera Herb Blend many times for our guests. It’s easy and we love it. Sometimes we sub in some sweet potatoes. It’s a great vegetarian dish.” Kimberly and Rafe Boulon

“In New England in the summer, you have to have coleslaw for a cookout or picnic on the beach. I always make Jim’s simple recipe using his flavorful Condado mix. Some cabbage,carrots, vinegar and mayo, what could be easier.” Diane Devine

"We made a yummy chicken salad using just a bit of Black Rose that Gwen & Lori left us at Alice by the Sea. I need to order some when I'm back from our travels. Last year we brought home a small packet of Bordeaux Mtn and should have gotten more. It's great on salmon and cobia."
Barbara Quale Lifland
Roasted Jamaican Ire rubbed pumpkin seeds are pretty amazing!
 Jaime Elliott

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